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Adoption Group

The adoption group was formed out of the global Java User Group (JUG) Adopt OpenJDK programme. A majority of the original programme is expected to be folded up into this adoption group over time. 

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You can join in the discussions and activities of this group in the following ways:

Mission Statement

"To promote and support community involvement in the development, adoption and evangelism of OpenJDK projects"

Sustainable and Scalable

The Adoption group aims to fulfil that Mission Statement in a sustainable and scalable manner. The adoption group will likely focus on helping educate new contributors with regards to submitting relevant, high quality patches and supporting existing projects and groups with documentation, infrastructure and evangelism efforts.

Specific Goals

The adoption group aims to:

  1. Lower technical barriers, allowing more developers, JUGs and organisations to get involved in OpenJDK
  2. Improve the quality of Java (the language and the platform) with a focus on testing and clearing technical debt
  3. Promote OpenJDK in the wider Java community
  4. Broaden the base of contributors to OpenJDK


The Adoption Group has several initiatives on the go, a representative sample is below:

Initiatives at

TODO: This section is primarily over at and is in the process of being transfered over.

Adopt OpenJDK has several initiatives on the go, a representative sample is below:

  • Building OpenJDK - Up to date instructions on building OpenJDK across O/S's, IDEs,
  • Testing Java 8/9 - Get the Java OSS (and closed source world) tested early with OpenJDK/Java 8 and 9
    • Project Coin - Try out some project coin tweaks in Java 9
  • Test Fests - Write tests to improve the quality of Java
  • Lambda Tutorials - Learning resources for developers new to Lambas in Java 8
  • Betterrev - Improve the patch submission, build and test lifecycle for OpenJDK
  • Javacountdown - Ensure the world is using the safest "Java in the browser"


As with any organisation, there's always some housekeeping.

See Adopt OpenJDK Projects for the full list.

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