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The JCov open source project is used to gather quality metrics associated with the production of test suites. JCov is being opened in order to facilitate the practice of verifying test execution of regression tests in OpenJDK development.

The main motivation behind JCov is transparency of test coverage metrics. The advantage to promoting standard coverage based on JCov is that OpenJDK developers will be able to use a code coverage tool that stays in 'lock step' with Java language and VM developments.

JCov is a pure java implementation of a code coverage tool which provides a means to measure and analyze dynamic code coverage of Java programs. JCov provides functionality to collect method, linear block and branch coverage, as well as showing uncovered execution paths. It is also able to show a program's source code annotated with coverage information.

From a testing perspective, JCov is most useful to determine execution paths (in a Java application) that a test suite is (or is not) executing.

JCov supports applications on JDK 1.0 and higher (including JDK 8), CDC/CLDC 1.0 and higher, and JavaCard 3.0 and higher.

The JCov open source project is created in order to develop a community that will improve it, further its development, and use it to develop test suites. We encourage you to browse, download, contribute, and get involved.

News and Announcements

The JCov project opened in the CodeTools Project of OpenJDK (March 21, 2014)



Downloads (Provided by Adopt OpenJDK)

Usage and development

  • User's Guide - html | pdf
  • FAQ
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