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Truffle Presentations


Graal Papers

  • Gilles Duboscq, Thomas Würthinger, Lukas Stadler, Christian Wimmer, Doug Simon, Hanspeter Mössenböck: An Intermediate Representation for Speculative Optimizations in a Dynamic Compiler. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Virtual Machines and Intermediate Languages, 2013.

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    Describes the speculative optimizations that Graal's graph-base intermediate representation allows.

  • Gilles Duboscq, Lukas Stadler, Thomas Würthinger, Doug Simon, Christian Wimmer, Hanspeter Mössenböck: Graal IR: An Extensible Declarative Intermediate Representation. In Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Programming Languages and Compilers Workshop, 2013.

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    Describes the basic architecture of Graal's graph-based intermediate representation.
  • Lukas Stadler, Gilles Duboscq, Hanspeter Mössenböck, Thomas Würthinger: Compilation Queueing and Graph Caching for Dynamic Compilers. In Proceedings of the sixth ACM workshop on Virtual machines and intermediate languages, 2012.

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Truffle Papers

  • Thomas Würthinger, Christian Wimmer, Andreas Wöß, Lukas Stadler, Gilles Duboscq, Christian Humer, Gregor Richards, Doug Simon, Mario Wolczko: One VM to Rule Them All. In Proceedings of Onward!, ACM Press, 2013.

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    Describes the vision of the Truffle approach, and the full system stack including the interpreter and dynamic compiler.

  • Thomas Würthinger, Andreas Wöß, Lukas Stadler, Gilles Duboscq, Doug Simon, Christian Wimmer: Self-Optimizing AST Interpreters. In Proceedings of the Dynamic Languages Symposium, pages 73–82. ACM Press, 2012. doi:10.1145/2384577.2384587

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    Describes the design of self-optimizing and self-specializing interpreter, and the application to JavaScript.