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OpenJFX is an open source, next generation client application pl= atform for desktop and embedded systems based on JavaSE. It is a collaborat= ive effort by many individuals and companies with the goal of producing a m= odern, efficient, and fully featured toolkit for developing rich client app= lications. This is the open source project where we develop JavaFX.

OpenJFX is free software, licensed under the GPL with the class path exc= eption, just as OpenJDK. Anybody is welcome to contribute to this project, = port it to other platforms or devices, or do anything else that a free soft= ware license allows you to do! We welcome patches and involvement from indi= vidual contributors or companies. See Community for details on how we work and how you can become a co= ntributor.

OpenJFX is a project beneath the charter of the OpenJDK. The Op= enJDK Bylaws and License govern our work. The OpenJFX proj= ect membership can be found on the OpenJDK Census.

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JavaFX evolved from the F3 project at Sun Microsystems. Initial releases= were based around the JavaFX Script language, however, in 2011 the toolkit= was completely rewritten in Java and released by Oracle as JavaFX 2.0. In = October 2011, Oracle announced that it would donate the JavaFX toolkit to t= he open source community and by November 2011 the OpenJDK Community agreed = to take it on. OpenJFX is now open source and able to be built completely b= ased on open sources.